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X-Ray Equipment Services, Inc. is a regional dealer for AGFA, Medlink Imaging, Summit Industries, AGFA, Americomp, Amrad, Carestream, and FUJI.

New X-Ray Systems including Digital (DR)

Text Box: X-Ray Equipment Services offers Sales and Service on DR and CR products from AGFA, FUJI, ALTO DR, VIEWORKS, and many older systems.  Repair Services also include DICOM Printers and PACS Systems.

New DR (Digital Radiography) CR (Computerized Radiography)

Yes we still sell and service chemical based film developing processor and related supplies. Plenty of refurbished processors available.

X-Ray Film Processors

Everything you need to acquire, archive, send, print, and view DICOM images. EMR (electronic medical records) and ergonomic solutions for your practice.


Text Box: There is constant movement of new, used, and refurbished systems through the warehouse.  We do not keep an up-to-the-minute profile of used equipment on the web-site but certainly can give you quick feedback over the phone or email.

Used and Refurbished X-Ray Systems

Text Box: X-Ray Equipment Services, Inc. offers a complete line of all x-ray accessories and supplies.  Whether it is cassettes, film, shelves, folders, jackets, aprons, calipers, sand bags, markers, viewers, Antimicrobial Polymers, you name it.

Accessories and Supplies

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Primary Product List

To contact us call:


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X-Ray Equipment Services, Inc.


Phone: 813-871-9729


Fax: 813-605-0122


E-mail: Sales@XrayExchange.com

Text Box: X-Ray Equipment Services, Inc. offers a consignment page where you can list your equipment for sale and your contact information so that a buyer may contact you directly.  Please call or email for details.

Customer Consignments

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