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AGFA has great CR and DR equipment - long lasting quality  - extended warranties

About X-Ray Equipment Services Inc

X-Ray Equipment Services, Inc.


Phone: 813-871-9729


Fax: 813-605-0122


E-mail: Sales@XrayExchange.com

X-Ray Equipment Services, Inc. has serviced the South Eastern US including regular weekly film based route service in all of central Florida since 1994.

We specialize in both NEW and PRE-OWNED x-ray equipment sales and service.  We repair on all types of x-ray equipment: X-Ray, CR, DR, CT, MRI, DICOM Printers as well as accessories.

We are continuously added needed skills as technology continually develops.  We sell, service, and support all types of digital systems (DR) and computerized radiology (CR), including PACS software.

Our team of professionals are available to help now!   Our years of experience brings substantial value in terms of quick, efficient, and cost effective solutions delivered with every request. 

This website will give you insight about our company and the growing service and products we offer.


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