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ALTO DRô Flat Panel Detectors


Vieworks ALTO DRô panel is a ideal fit and value for Imaging Centers, Orthopedic practices, Chiropractic, Veterinary and most other medical imaging need.††


ALTO DRô is a Vieworks' flat panel detector with a large field coverage area up to 17" x 17",

which is designed for general radiographic application using its unique image processing system. The active 9.4Mega-pixel sensor of ALTO DRô ensures high image quality to meet market demand for precise diagnosis performance.† Also available in wireless and tethered configuration.


With automatic exposure detection, Anytime TM , ALTO DRô† can be used without integration with the X-ray generator.† It works just like CR or film as it is triggered by the radiation, instead of a generator interface connection.


ALTO DRô is available in both CsI and GADOX scintillator types.


The ALTO DRô Wireless Panels may be applied to any existing x-ray machine. The simplicity behind a true cassette-sized panel is that it is easy to transition from a cassette-based CR or conventional film based solutions.  Sizes available are 10x12 cassette-sized, 14x17 and 17x17 cassette-sized.














The ALTO DRô Tethered Panels may be interfaced directly with many x-ray generators if desired; however, the preferred method is utilized with the patent supported - AED (Auto Exposure Detection) Mode.  Sizes available are 10x12 cassette-sized, 14x17 and 17x17 cassette-sized.














The ALTO DRô 17x17 Fixed Panels are an ideal solution for retrofitting new or existing x-ray equipment. Many workflow environments may include a two (2) panel Solution, consisting of a Fixed 17x17 Panel for the Wallstand and a Tethered or Wireless Panel either for the table or for off-table procedures.  

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