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We provide the following services with the purchase of equipment or not.  Please contact us through the XrayExchange email or by phone.

Services X-Ray Equipment Provides

We offer full service for everything we sell, whether it is new equipment or previously owned.  Our company is owner operated and managed.  You will not fall victim to a Sales Staff with no input or control of Operations.

Sales, Delivery, and Installation

Sometimes it is not about buying new equipment.  A basic X-ray System may last a very long time with correct periodic maintenance and a repair here and there.  We also may offer to purchase your equipment.


Perhaps you just want to move to a new facility.  It requires experienced and well trained technicians to move this equipment using the right equipment.  Moving a system from one side of town to the other is everyday business to us.

Repair, Remove, Replace X-Ray System and/or components including GE and Toshiba CT

Our experienced technicians run a regular route service cleaning and servicing all your x-ray film processors needs.  We operate strictly by the manufacturer recommended service schedule.  The best thing for your equipment is dependable service to keep it running.

Periodic Maintenance and Service of X-Ray Film Processors including chemical delivery

Start to Finish—We are involved and directing at your command.  There is no cost for planning consultation when you purchase your system from us.  This is perhaps the most important step in maximizing your systems functionality.  Ultimately these plans are presented to the State Department of Radiation for requirements and approval, then on installation registered with the State for your operating certificate.

For more information about this service:

Room Design Consultation, Build-Out, and System Planning

Email: Sales@XrayExchange.com or call

For more information about this service:

Email: Sales@XrayExchange.com or call

X-Ray Equipment Services, Inc.


Phone: 813-871-9729


Fax: 813-605-0122


E-mail: Sales@XrayExchange.com

Email: Sales@XrayExchange.com or call

Email: Sales@XrayExchange.com or call

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