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Related Links

The following companies are extremely important in the life of X-Ray Equipment Services.  We appreciate our “Dealer” status and their support.  Please view their websites and inquire as to our services.  Thank you for visiting our website, the XrayExchange.com we look forward to helping you.

AGFA Computed Radiography


Quality Engineering delivering quality digital imaging solutions.

DR Website:


A leading national distributor for CARESTREAM CR, custom DICOM viewing software, archives, PACS, digitizers. 







X-Ray Equipment Services, Inc.


Phone: 813-871-9729


Fax: 813-605-0122


E-mail: Sales@XrayExchange.com

A leading national distributor for FUJIFILM Computerized Radiography and IDC DR Technology.

White Mountain.com


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Providing Quality Service for Better Imaging

A leading national distributor for DR, CR, and DICOM viewing software, archives, PACS, digitizers.