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Text Box: AmRad FRS Systems are versatile enough to include ambulatory patients and are ideal for Hospital Radiology Departments, Imaging Centers, Orthopedic Facilities, Surgery Centers, and Urgent Care Clinics.

New AA4 FRS X-Ray Systems

The High Frequency Radiographic Imaging System offers great flexibility and provides exceptional imaging capability at cost-effective pricing.

Text Box: New Floor X-Ray Systems

Couple your current or new X-ray with a DR panel or CR system.

New Digital Chiropractic

The VET-DRR Systems bring veterinary technicians cutting edge x-ray technology right to their finger tips.† Call for information.

New Digital Veterinary X-Ray

The three different radiographic system packages are designed to address the variety of veterinary customer requirements. Please call.

New Standard Veterinary X-Ray

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New X-Ray and DR Systems

To contact us call:


X-Ray Equipment Services, Inc.


Phone: 813-871-9729


Fax: 813-605-0122


E-mail: Sales@XrayExchange.com

The intelligent and high speed alternative for analog to digital conversions.† Image in 3 seconds.

New Vieworks ALTO DR Flat Panel Detector (DRóDirect Radiography)

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